Urban Mobility

ALD Consultancy helps select and implement efficient and sustainable mobility solutions for urban mobility

Urban mobility involves a lot. Whereas previously you could effortlessly enter city centres with a fossil-fueled van, municipalities are now imposing increasingly stringent requirements on their inner cities to keep them liveable. The introduction of zero-emission zones is a case in point. 

In addition, consumers are increasingly used to fast arrival times of delivery and maintenance services, and so you want to avoid delays due to traffic jams and parking problems. These developments ask for appropriate last-mile solutions. 

Zero emission zones

From 2025, dozens of municipalities will introduce zero-emission zones. This means that vans and trucks with fossil combustion engines will no longer be welcome in city centres.  

What does this mean in practice for you as an entrepreneur with a van or truck?

  • New vans and trucks that are registered after 2025 must drive emission-free to enter these zones.
  • Older vehicles can use the transitional arrangement. Until the end of 2026, vans that run on fuel - and have an emission class of at least 5 or higher - may still enter the zero-emission zones. This arrangement applies to trucks until the end of 2029.
  • From January 1, 2030, all vans and trucks must be emission-free to drive in these areas.

The introduction of the zero-emission zones in the city centres may still seem a long way off, but it is wise to get started now, so that you are well prepared in good time.

Solutions for sustainable and efficient urban mobility

How do you make sure your organisation is ready for the future? Do you choose via ALD Electric for the electric van? Or a converted passenger car with a longer range? Or are Light Electric Freight Vehicles (LEV) or e-cargo vehicles a better fit for your business? The ideal mobility mix is different for every organisation. ALD Consultancy will be happy to help you make the best choice, tailored to your business processes and employees.

ALD Flex e-cargo 

Are you already familiar with e-cargo solutions? ALD Flex e-cargo vehicles are electrically powered bikes with ample cargo space. It is a vital and congenial solution that lets you move around the city quickly and agilely. And it doesn't require a driving licence.

We organised an e-cargo roadshow for our internal sales colleagues to get acquainted with the different e-cargo bikes and their specific features.

You can lease e-cargo bikes flexibly for a short term to find out how you like them in practice. Check out our offer below.


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