Company vans

ALD Consultancy advises you on the best way to use the company vans

Vans are much more than a means of transportation; they are the tools that enable you to do business. That's why we are happy to help you choose the right vans. Sometimes it is nice to be able to lease a van on a short-term basis. And in any case, you want the delivery van to meet all your requirements and wishes so that you or your employees' work is as easy as possible. 

Advice on the options

The vehicle specifications are much more extensive than passenger cars, the laws and regulations differ, and maintaining a van requires specific knowledge. Unlike passenger cars, on the other hand, a van is not easily replaced when the vehicle is unable to run. ALD Consultancy is happy to help you choose and set up your van.

Electric vans

More and more business owners are also choosing a sustainable alternative for their company vehicles; the electric van. This may be to reduce their carbon emissions, contribute to sustainability goals, or respond to future regulations. For example, starting in 2025, 30 to 40 larger municipalities will introduce emission-free zones, banning fossil-fuel-powered (delivery) cars from inner cities.

ALD Consultancy 

Want advice on a van fleet or its electrification? ALD Automotive is happy to advise you. What range do you need? Where can you recharge? And what subsidies can you take advantage of? We offer customized consulting for large and small businesses. Contact our Mobility Consultants by calling +31 (0)20 658 70 00. You can also send an e-mail to We will contact you as soon as possible.

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