End of lease agreement

Every lease term comes to an end eventually. We hope that you have enjoyed driving your lease vehicle, and we would be happy to explain everything you need to know about returning it.

Purchasing your lease car

Are you so satisfied with the vehicle that you would rather not give it up at the end of the lease? If so, you can request a purchase proposal anytime within three months before the end of your lease agreement. After you fill in the desired purchase date and the odometer reading, we will send you an attractive offer. Naturally, the offer is no-obligation, and you are free to refuse it if you wish. If you do not accept the offer, then you are under no obligation to keep the vehicle.


Are you interested in taking over your lease car? Easily request a takeover proposal via My ALD at 'Self-service' or send an e-mail to our Car Sales department via: nl.remarketing@aldautomotive.com. We would like to receive the desired takeover date and the estimated mileage on that date.

How do I turn in my car?

If you wish to return your vehicle at the end of the lease term, please go through the following checklist items:

  • Is the car clean?
  • Has all damage to the car been reported in advance?
  • Are all the documents that belong to the lease car complete?
  • Has the MTc fuel card been returned (if applicable)?
  • Are all parts, accessories, and options that are listed in the contract (and which we have paid the invoice for) present? The principle for this is simple: everything that was in the car at the time of delivery must also be returned.
  • If the vehicle is equipped with alloy wheels, please make sure that it is returned on the original alloy wheels (with either summer or winter tyres mounted).
  • Have you signed out the car with us? Or (if you will be returning the car to our return point in Vuren) have you made an appointment to return the car in advance?
  • Please remember to delete any privacy-sensitive personal data, such as your home address, from the on-board computers and reset them to the factory settings.

For more information, please watch the video explaining how to turn in your vehicle (in Dutch).

Return appointment

If the end of your lease term is approaching and you would like to return your vehicle, you can make an appointment to return the vehicle to our location or have it picked up at your home or office. Easily make a return appointment via My ALD.

Reporting damage

It is important that you report all damage before you return the car. If there is any unreported damage to the vehicle that does not fall under acceptable wear, then you may be billed for the repair costs. If you are unsure which damages are ‘acceptable wear’, you can learn more in the Restitution Manual. You can view the most recent version of the Restitution Manual here. Please note that the version you (or your fleet manager) received from us at the start of the agreement applies to you. 

Return or collection

You can choose to have the vehicle collected at your home or work address, or at the dealer where you will be picking up your new lease vehicle. A transporter will then take the vehicle to Vuren, where the return inspection will be conducted. It is also possible to bring the car directly to our return point in Vuren. Please schedule an appointment in advance, so that we can serve you more efficiently.

What do you need to turn in?

You will be asked to return the following items at the end of the lease term:

  • All keys: spare key, master key and the code card, if applicable;
  • Vehicle registration card;
  • Fuel card (if applicable);
  • User manual and maintenance records;
  • All accessories that are included in the lease contract;
  • Any SD card and/or CD-ROM for the navigation system;
  • Complete vehicle equipment (including lift, safety triangle, spare tyre, etc.);
  • Both number plates and any extra plates;
  • All (charging) cables for electric/hybrid vehicles (if applicable).
  • Tow hitch and accessories;
  • Luggage space covers (hat rack, roll cover, etc.).

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the information provided above, please feel free to contact Driver Care. We look forward to assisting you! 



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