Via the ‘Design your mobility’ process, ALD Consultancy offers various tools to develop an optimised mobility policy.

In its consultancy projects, ALD Consultancy makes frequent use of tooling it has developed in-house. We use this tooling to offer customers inspiration for the transition from traditional lease to the integration of flexible mobility solutions. The tooling is used to visualise the impact of the choices you make. We decide together with you which tool we can use to reach the right advice.

Our tools

Mobility Experience Center

What is your current mobility policy and what challenges do you face? The Mobility Experience Center offers you a fresh look at your mobility policy. We reflect on the current solutions, mobility trends and the impact these have on various stakeholders in your company. 


Mobility Design Center

We get down to real work now on the transition to ‘greener’ vehicles or making other sustainable changes to your vehicle fleet. In the Mobility Design Center we show you what options are available to you and calculate there and then the impact these would have on your company’s carbon emissions, employee satisfaction and expenses. 


Green Scorecard

Do you need to electrify the fleet but have no idea what the costs will be? Is driving electric more expensive than a petrol vehicle? The Green Scorecard tool compares vehicles based on the Total Cost of Ownership methodology.   


Policy Builder

Generate a lease or mobility policy by answering 50 to 80 questions. You can use this, for example, for adding new chapters to an existing policy, producing a bicycle or e-bike policy, introducing a mobility card or installing charging solutions at employees’ homes.


ALD Consultancy 

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