Mobility solutions

Flexible solutions that meet your mobility needs

At ALD Automotive, you can expand your lease contract with one or more mobility solutions, for example to make your fleet more sustainable, cost-efficient, or flexible.

Flexible leasing
With ALD Switch, the lease vehicle can be traded in for a different car 4x per year.
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Piaggio MP3
Would you like to lease a Piaggio MP3 in combination with a car? You can, with ALD 7-Wheel Lease.
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Leasing an electric bicycle
ALD e-bike: an electric bicycle is a sustainable and healthy alternative in addition to a lease vehicle.
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Smartphone parking
Use your smartphone to park conveniently and inexpensively, and pay at the end of the month.
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Mobility card
ALD Mobility Card: Convenient parking and travel by train, tram, bus, taxi, and OV-fiets.
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Ontdek onze nieuwe vorm van mobiliteit voor flexibel zakelijk verkeer.

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Keep on moving, think ahead!

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