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ALD Flex offers you the best of both worlds: more flexible than leasing, and cheaper than renting!

Fast delivery – short rental periods

In certain situations, it’s convenient to be able to lease a car pr e-bike for a short period. Say that you hire a new employee with a probationary period or a temporary contract, or want to provide an employee with a mobility alternative so they don’t have to use public transport. ALD Flex allows you to lease a vehicle for as little as one month. 

Choose from eight vehicle classes 

ALD Flex lets you choose from eight vehicle classes to ensure the size of the vehicle meets your needs. None of our vehicles are more than 36 months old, and they are always fully inspected before release. Monthly rates are based on 30 days, include 1,000 or 2,500 km free mileage per month. If you exceed this mileage, you pay the fixed rates for the additional kilometres you drive by car. There is no mileage count for e-bikes and Speed ​​Pedelecs.



Cheaper than renting

Long-term car or e-bike rental is expensive – not to mention the unforeseen expenses. ALD Flex is not only better value for money but also fully transparent – you know exactly how much your monthly rate will be. This rate will be reduced after the first month and then again after 3 months, so the more you drive, the less you pay. 

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Monthly cancellation

The leasing contract can be cancelled free of charge after one month. You can choose to either return the vehicle to the rental location of have it collected. If you take no action, the contract will be renewed by one month each time. The longer you drive, the lower your monthly rate! 

How does it work?

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We'll help you on your way

Do you have any questions or would you like to discuss the possibilities with one of our lease consultants? Please contact us on telephone number +31 (0)20 658 70 00. Of course you can also send an e-mail to


Key information

You will find more information about ALD Flex, along with our General Terms and Conditions, on this page.

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Questions? Call us
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vinkje_icon_hash050b7f Available immediately

vinkje_icon_hash050b7f-3 No cancellation fee

vinkje_icon_hash050b7f-4 Quality inspection

vinkje_icon_hash050b7f-5 All-inclusive monthly fee

vinkje_icon_hash050b7f-6 Short term contracts

vinkje_icon_hash050b7f-7 Choose 3 vehicle classes

In your contract

vinkje_icon_hash050b7f Well-maintained vehicle

vinkje_icon_hash050b7f-2 Not older than 36 months

vinkje_icon_hash050b7f-2 1000 or 2500 km free mileage p/m

vinkje_icon_hash050b7f-3 All-risk insurance cover

vinkje_icon_hash050b7f-4 Vehicle holder’s tax

vinkje_icon_hash050b7f-5 Roadside assistance

vinkje_icon_hash050b7f-6 Replacement vehicle

vinkje_icon_hash050b7f-7 Repair and maintenance