Personalised advice on your mobility options

ALD Consultancy provides support and advice on any mobility transition

The world of mobility is changing rapidly, with a variety of trends causing a change in your employees’ mobility needs. It’s becoming clearer than ever that more flexible workstyles also call for more flexible ways of travelling, appropriate for that day’s schedule and the individual employee’s needs. One day, they’re working quietly from home and the next they’re heading into the office for a brainstorming session with co-workers. They may also choose to take the train, so they can do a little work on the go. 

ALD Consultancy provides advice in the following areas:

  • Fleet optimisation
  • ‘Greening’ your fleet
  • Integrating modes of transport such as e-bikes, public transport, and shared vehicles
  • Mobility budgets
  • Encouraging behavioural change among employees
  • From lease plan to mobility plan
  • Mobility for employees who are not eligible for a company vehicle

ALD Consultancy in practice

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