A well-maintained car is vital for your safety and driving comfort. That’s why regular maintenance is included in your lease contract.

Keeping your car in good condition

The vehicle’s user manual explains how often the car needs maintenance. But we also ask that you check the oil, coolant, windscreen wiper fluid and the condition of the tyres on a regular basis. As the user, you are of course the person with the best insight into the condition of the vehicle. If you would like to know exactly how it works, take a moment to watch our informative video (in Dutch) on maintenance.


New petrol cars and electric cars are subject to inspection after four years. We will send you a notification when it is time for the vehicle’s inspection. You can also find out when your vehicle is due for an inspection on the RDW website. We recommend that you schedule the periodic vehicle inspection to coincide with servicing. Don’t forget to bring your vehicle registration card to the periodic vehicle inspection.

Scheduling maintenance and inspections

If your car is due for regular maintenance or a periodic inspection, you can easily find a service partner near you via My ALD to schedule an appointment. You do not need to inform us about this. For services covered by your contact, the invoice will be sent directly to ALD Automotive.


You are allowed to fit accessories yourself, but we ask that you notify us beforehand. Please note that there can be no traces or damage left behind from these accessories when you return the vehicle.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the information provided above, please feel free to contact Driver Care. We look forward to assisting you! 



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