Leasing an electric vehicle for business

ALD Electric offers a complete solution for electric mobility

Leasing an electric vehicle: ALD Automotive is your one-stop-shop.

ALD Automotive offers a complete solution to make it easier for you to switch to an electric car, in combination with a charging station and/or an e-bike: ALD Electric. This complete solution presents a simple way to choose the mode of electric mobility that best suits your needs.

ALD Electric includes the following services:

  • An electric vehicle of any make and model available in the Netherlands.
  • Charging station installed at the lease car driver’s home or your office. Our complete charging package includes the charging station, accessories, installation, hosting, administration, maintenance and a charging key.
  • E-bike or speed pedelec as a healthy, zero-emissions alternative for shorter journeys. An e-bike also allows you to avoid traffic jams and full parking lots.
  • Charging card or a combination charging-fuel card to activate your private charging point, charge your car up at public charging points, or fill up on fuel.
  • Additional mobility services such as a holiday car for longer distances or the ALD Mobility Card.

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Electric driving in practice

Would you like to know more about electric driving in practice and the benefits for employers and employees? We have listed the most important information for you in the following document:

Try it out first?

There is only one way to find out if an electric car is right for you and that is… try it out for yourself! Not for an hour, but for a month or more. The ALD eFlex test drive offers you this opportunity. You can test drive for at least 1 month at a reduced lease rate. And if you don't like it, you can return the car to us without extra costs.

Considering leasing an electric vehicle?

We offer complete solutions for electric mobility, including charging, and payment. Please feel free to contact our lease consultants at +31 (0)20 658 70 00. Or you can send an e-mail to sme-accounts.nl@aldautomotive.com. We’ll contact you at the first opportunity.

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