Business lease

Do you need a lease vehicle for business use? Then ALD Automotive is the right place for you.

Leasing a vehicle for business use

You can come to us for business leases for a wide range of vehicles. We offer plenty of choices for your company’s workforce, freelancers included.

What are the benefits of business leasing?

  • No investment for the purchase of a lease vehicle
  • Retain your no-claim insurance record
  • Lower administrative burden
  • A representative business fleet
  • We arrange all repairs and maintenance
  • If something goes wrong on the road, we’re standing by to provide roadside assistance 24/7, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Leasing an electric vehicle

In addition to ‘standard’ models, you can also choose to lease an electric vehicle. We would be happy to offer a comprehensive solution for electric mobility, charging, and payment. Hit the road without a care in the world.

Variety of lease forms and services

ALD Automotive offers a wide range of variants and solutions in the field of business leasing. We have flexible and cost-efficient solutions available for every budget and every mobility need. For example, you can choose for one of the most service-oriented lease forms: operational lease. In this lease form, we remain the economic and legal owner of the lease vehicle, so we take on all of the financial risks you would normally bear.

Would you rather lease a vehicle for a shorter period? Then we can offer you the ALD Short Lease, with variable costs and variable termination terms. This is an easy way for start-ups and freelancers to sign a short-term lease. If you would like to save even more money, you could choose for a pre-owned lease. With ALD Second Lease, you only pay a fixed monthly amount for a pre-owned vehicle that is less than two years old.

Leasing a vehicle for business use?

Would you like to know more about business car leasing, or about our lease forms? If so, feel free to contact our lease consultants. They would be happy to talk to you at +31 (0)20 658 70 00. Or you can of course send an e-mail to:

Important documents

Download one of the documents below for more information about business leasing.

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