Business rental

ALD Rental Services: Fast access to a rental vehicle for temporary mobility.

Rent a vehicle for business use

Whether you need a rental car for an employee today, or are looking for temporary replacement transportation; with our ALD Rental Services, you have the option of using a wide selection of rental vehicles available from inventory, for a shorter or longer period.

The benefits of ALD Rental Services:

  • Rental terms as short as one day
  • Competitive rates
  • Our rental vehicles are relatively new, with low mileage
  • Maximum flexibility, without complicated terms and conditions
  • Fast access to your rental vehicle
  • The rental contract can be terminated at any time

Temporary car pending delivery

Do you need a temporary car pending delivery of your lease vehicle? When you sign a lease contract with ALD Automotive, you can take advantage of our extra-low temporary car rate for business car rentals.

ALD Short Lease

Do you need a rental vehicle for longer than 6 months? With ALD Short Lease, you can rent a business car for a longer period. This lease form bridges the gap between operational lease and a rental contract. That means you benefit from the low rates for a lease contract and the short term of a rental contract. A short lease contract has a term of 6 to 12 months.

Would you like to rent a business car?

Are you interested in renting a vehicle for business purposes? If so, you can call us at +31 (0)20 658 70 00 or send an e-mail to We’ll contact you at the first opportunity.