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At ALD Automotive, we feel it is important to keep our knowledge about fleet management, leasing, and sustainability up to date and to share it with you.

We therefore regularly conduct research and publish white papers about our findings. This page provides an overview of the most recent white papers to download for free. Enjoy reading them!


Plug-in hybrides as part of a sustainable mobility policy

Are PHEVs – plug-in hybrid electric vehicles – compatible with a sustainable mobility policy? ALD Automotive says: absolutely. In this e-magazine, we zoom in on this type of vehicle: what exactly are PHEVs, and under what conditions can these types of vehicles be integrated into a green mobility policy? What are some of the aspects fleet managers must consider when incorporating plug-in hybrids into their mobility policies?


How do you add e-bikes to your mobility policy?

An e-bike enables you to travel longer distances quite easily and, as it is affordable, it is an attractive mode of transport to add to your mobility policy. Read our online magazine for some useful tools and a roadmap for integrating e-bikes in your mobility policy. 


What will mobility look like in 2025?

The future of mobility; what will it look like? If only we had a crystal ball! But even without one, you can probably already see clear trends in the mobility sector that will have a major impact on the future of mobility. Would you like to know more about the trends you can expect when designing your fleet? We’re delighted to offer our white paper free of charge.


How does MaaS fit within your mobility policy?

Experts all agree that MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service, generally abbreviated to MaaS) is the solution for ensuring flexible and sustainable mobility in the future. But where do we stand now? And how does MaaS already fit in with your mobility policy? 


The low-cost lease alternative for entrepreneurs

There are currently around 680,000 company lease cars on the road in the Netherlands. A large proportion of these cars is brand new and can continue to be used for years as occasion lease vehicles. Occasion lease has increased in popularity in recent years, particularly among SMEs and self-employed persons. Would you like to know more? We’d be delighted to tell you more.  


The practical side to occasion lease

What can you expect if you opt for occasion lease? We talked to Jonathan Kits, Delivery Expert at ALD Automotive. Reading the case study will enable you to get to know more about the advantages for SMEs and entrepreneurs, the popular brands and what the future expectations are.


The rise of electric mobility

Electric mobility is on the rise. More and more new models are coming onto the market and advances in battery technology mean that electric mobility is quickly becoming a viable option for an increasing number of lease car drivers. Do you wonder what you should pay attention to when setting up an electric car scheme? Would you like to know how much it would cost? Perhaps you’d like to 


E-bikes, the future of commuting?

More and more people are opting for a sustainable lifestyle. Businesses, however, also regard corporate social responsibility as being increasingly important. In this white paper, we shine our spotlight on what is potentially a very attractive alternative to your lease car, electric or otherwise. An alternative that you perhaps had not yet thought of: the e-bike.


The future of mobility is electric

More and more affordable electric car models are appearing on the market and the transition to electric mobility is accelerating. Are you ‘Ready to switch on’? Or are you still wondering how this will work out in practice?


How to design your mobility after the coronavirus pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, we learned that we can organise both work and travel differently. Our e-magazine presents an overview of the abundant mobility options that are well placed to match new mobility needs. Examples include the use of e-bikes, shared cars or flexible leasing solutions.

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