Innovative mobility solutions, for today and tomorrow.

Looking for next-generation solutions in flexible mobility, delivering employee satisfaction, social reponsibility and cost efficiency? ALD newmobility represents a new generation of innovative lease solutions, helping you to move towards a future proof mobility policy.

Elektrische fiets leasen
An high speed e-bike as an alternative to commute
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Elektrische scooter
A lease car combined with an electric scooter, ideal for short distances.
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Piaggio MP3
along with a car, you lease a 3-wheel motor scooter, ideal for bypassing traffic jams.
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Flexibel leasen
At any time you choose, you can temporarily exchange your lease car for another vehicle.
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ALD mobility card: Eenvoudig parkeren en reizen met de trein, tram, bus, taxi en OV-fiets.
Mobiel parkeren
Eenvoudig en voordelig mobiel parkeren en aan het einde van de maand afrekenen.
Met de MultiTankcard kan snel en gemakkelijk in vrijwel elk tankstation in Nederland brandstof worden afgerekend.

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