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Employees gain increasing control over mobility

Employees gain increasing control over mobility

ALD Automotive launches ALD Free, a platform that will enable employees to shape their mobility packages.

Through the platform ALD Free, employees will be able to combine different types of mobility solutions into a custom-tailored mobility package, subject to certain conditions, and also to view their travel history 24/7. 

A wide range of combinations are possible within ALD Free, including options such as a bicycle, a parking card or an OV-Chipkaart. The employee is free to compile his or her own package, and can immediately see which options are available within the available budget and the employer’s conditions.

Many employers would like to modernise the traditional company car scheme with more options. Lonneke van der Horst, Marketing & Strategy Manager at ALD Automotive: “Thanks to a tool like ALD Free, companies can give their employees even more control over their own mobility, which makes them more attractive places to work in today’s job market. Plus, employers can encourage sustainable mobility by offering a high speed e-bike and an OV-Chipkaart (public transport chipcard).

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