At ALD Automotive, we feel it is important to keep our knowledge about fleet management, leasing, and sustainability up to date and to share it with you.

We therefore regularly conduct research and publish white papers about our findings. This page provides an overview of the most recent white papers to download for free. Enjoy reading them!

Work-related expenses scheme (WKR)

Main issues pertaining to the work-related expenses scheme (WKR)

The WKR is a fiscal scheme for remunerations or provisions to employees. The scheme is also relevant to mobility, so ALD Automotive has summarised the main points for you. Would you like more information? Download our free white paper.

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Electric mobility

The Rise of Electric Mobility

Do you wonder what you should pay attention to when setting up an electric car scheme? Would you like to know how much it would cost? Or would you like to encourage electric mobility among your lease car drivers? We offer our white paper free of charge.

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The future of commuting

Developments in both the technology and the regulations concerning sustainable mobility are currently progressing rapidly. In this white paper, we highlight a potentially very attractive alternative to your lease car, electric or otherwise.

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The impact of the new WLTP testing method

Since September 2018, manufacturers have been required to test new vehicles using the WLTP method. WLTP is a testing method for measuring vehicle CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. What does this development mean for you as a fleet manager, and what should you do about it?

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5 steps to a sustainable mobility policy

A sustainable mobility policy: these appear to be the magic words in the business market’s current transportation needs. That’s not surprising, as one-fifth of the CO2 emissions in the Netherlands is caused by vehicle traffic. Which 5 steps can you take to make your mobility policy more sustainable?

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Diesel vs. petrol

A new perspective on diesel vehicles?

Confidence in diesel cars has been dropping for some time, due to the fact that they are more damaging to the environment and to human health. In this white paper, we will list some facts and figures about diesel-powered vehicles.

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Total Cost of Ownership

TCO. How can you save money on your car fleet?

Whether you manage 5, 50, or 500 vehicles; insight into their costs and how to maximise their impact are fairly fundamental questions. Can you use consulting or inspiration to improve the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your fleet or mobility policy?

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