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The advantages of pre-configured cars

The advantages of pre-configured cars

For a long time, the standard for business mobility has been the new, custom-configurable lease car. The lease driver chooses the desired color, options and accessories and places the order.

A new form of leasing has emerged in recent years. Namely pre-configured cars. In this article we discuss the benefits of this.

What are pre-configured cars?

Pre-configured cars come in two forms. There are new vehicles that are already configured with the most important options for the business lease driver. These are purchased in a batch by the leasing company. In addition, he is concerned with used car leasing. With used car leasing, the offer consists of well-maintained lease cars that are suitable for use again. A lease contract is concluded for both forms, just like when leasing a new car to be configured.

Both options have different advantages. In this article we will highlight several of them.

1. Lower costs

Leasing a pre-configured car is often cheaper than leasing a newly configured car. New cars that are purchased in large numbers are cheaper for the leasing company and can therefore also be offered at a more favorable lease rate. The lease rate for a used car is usually cheaper than that of a new car because the investment in a used car is lower. In addition, new cars are becoming increasingly expensive, so you can often benefit from a lower additional tax due to the lower list price of a used car.

2. Faster delivery

Because pre-configured cars do not have to be specially ordered, they are often immediately available from stock.

3. Flexibility

Companies can choose the lease period that suits their needs. This is useful when a company's mobility needs are constantly changing. Is there a temporary peak in demand for cars? Then you can opt for a short lease period from 12 months. Are mobility needs expected to remain stable for a longer period? Then a long-term contract may be more beneficial.

4. Sustainability

Occasion leasing contributes to a more sustainable mobility sector. Leasing used cars extends the lifespan of these cars and reduces CO2 emissions. New cars emit a significant amount of CO2 during production. By leasing used cars, you extend the lifespan of these vehicles, which reduces the total CO2 emissions per kilometer driven.

Are pre-configured cars the future of business mobility?

Pre-built cars offer several benefits that are relevant to companies of all sizes. The lower costs, faster delivery, flexibility, and sustainability make it an attractive option for companies that want to meet their mobility needs in an efficient and responsible manner. But of course, it remains possible to provide a car with options and accessories entirely according to your own wishes. There is a solution for every mobility need.

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