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Long delivery times are decreasing

Long delivery times are decreasing

Car delivery times are still uncertain and take longer than you are used to. Fortunately, manufacturers are getting production problems better and better under control, reducing delivery times. This occurs more quickly for some makes and models than for others. On the positive side, there are mostly signs of improvement recently.

Due to logistics problems, a shortage of parts and the global chip shortage, delivery times remained unabated for the past three years. This was compounded by the corona pandemic. The war in Ukraine also affected the shortage of auto parts. The resulting backlogs are now steadily decreasing. It is also expected that by the end of the third quarter of 2023, most delivery times will return to reasonably normal levels.

Yet, there are still factors that can affect the delivery time of a new car, such as specific car options or configurations that take longer to produce and the limited availability of specific models and trims.

EV waiting times

A growing assortiment of (new) electric cars makes electric driving more accessible. Car brands are responding to the market and will make many new electric models available again this year. In particular, many Chinese brands are entering the European market. The high demand for EV models means that the average waiting time is six to nine months. The industry does see bright spots here because the parts shortage that arose in the corona period seems to be resolving itself, and this obviously benefits production processes and speed.

Euro 7 standard

The Euro 7 standard is another example of what the car industry cannot influence and which can delay delivery times. This new environmental standard is intended to reduce vehicle emissions further. Volkswagen recently sounded the alarm because they may not be able to adapt their engines quickly enough to this new standard. Eventually, this would also lead to production stops for particular models resulting in longer delivery times. This is why, as of May 2023, the Euro 7 standard has not yet been definitively implemented.

In brief, the automotive industry depends on all kinds of factors, which cannot always be influenced. So, it is best to obtain information about the current situation regarding the delivery times of specific models or configurations. Of course, you can also opt for leasing a business occasion. View our business occasion selection here.

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