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ALD Automotive is the best leasing company 2023

ALD Automotive is the best leasing company 2023

At the tail end of the year, ALD Automotive won no less than three main prizes in the Best Leasing Company in the Netherlands 2023 election.


The Association of Business Drivers (VZR) has announced that ALD Automotive has been voted Best Lease Company by both business and private lease drivers in the category 'Large Lease Companies' with an average score of 8.2 and 8.5, respectively. ALD Automotive also wins the Innovation Award for ALD Move, the mobility app that helps employers achieve strategic business goals, makes it easier to manage travel and allows employees to travel more efficiently and happily.

This is the third time in a row that ALD Automotive has been voted the best leasing company. Two years ago, ALD Automotive won the prize in the Business Lease category and last year in Private Lease. And it is proud to now hold the lead in both categories. ALD Automotive has also received a well-earned third place from fleet managers. In the survey, leasing companies are assessed on aspects such as communication, management, maintenance, service provision and organization. Jeroen Kruisweg, general manager of ALD Automotive Netherlands, sees the award as a reward for the company's hard work.

Jeroen Kruisweg, general manager of ALD Automotive Netherlands, said, “We are extremely proud to be awarded the title of Best Leasing Company. It shows that the efforts of our employees to put the lease driver and customer first are still appreciated. That motivates us all to keep our bar high. This year, for example, we invested heavily in a new digital ordering platform for both private and business leases. But across the board, the personal attention for customers and lease drivers is particularly important.”

Customer insight as the start of new innovation

New is the Innovation Award for the most innovative leasing company of the year. To be nominated, ALD Automotive was, first of all, highly rated for the innovation question that was included in the questionnaires of drivers and fleet managers. The nominated lease companies then had to provide a concrete example of a current innovation, which was then assessed by an expert jury.

With the smart B2B MaaS platform ALD Move, ALD Automotive positions itself as a leasing company that facilitates cars and ensures that the right choices are made in overall mobility. The combination of linking personal travel advice to the company's strategic goals was the deciding factor for the jury.

The research

In VZR's annual survey, which is carried out together with Feedback Company, more than 5,472 lease drivers, fleet managers and private lease drivers gave their opinion about their lease company. Lease car drivers gave an average score of 8.0; the fleet managers gave an 8.1, and the private lease car drivers an 8.4. The average NPS of 26 is the same as the year before.

VZR chairman Jan van Delft says: “Leasing companies score well on satisfaction in a rapidly changing market. This pleases us. We have been conducting this survey for years now, and it has developed into a true industry standard. This is a good thing.”

ALD Automotive

ALD Automotive is a global player in mobility solutions, offering car leasing and fleet management in 43 countries. The organization is at the forefront of innovation, sustainability and personal service. In 2016, 2017, 2018, 2021 and 2022, ALD Automotive was crowned the best leasing company in the Netherlands. In 2019, ALD Automotive won the Fleet Europe Innovation Award.

With more than 7,050 employees worldwide, ALD Automotive manages 1.76 million vehicles (end of September 2022). ALD Automotive is listed on Euronext Paris in the SBF120 index.

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