Turning in your lease car

Don’t forget to sign your car out

Is the end of your lease contract approaching? If so, you can easily sign your car out via the My ALD app

Reporting damage

It is important that you report all damages before you return the vehicle. You can do so using the damage form that you received along with the driver’s manual, or via the My ALD app. If there is any unreported damage to the vehicle that does not fall under acceptable wear, then you will be billed for the repair costs.

Return and collection

You can return your lease car to the dealer who will be delivering your new lease car. Or you can make an appointment to have your car collected at your work- or home address easily in the My ALD app. A transporter will bring the vehicle to Vuren, where the return inspection will be conducted. It is also possible to bring the vehicle directly to our return point in Vuren. In that case, we ask that you make an appointment with Driver Care in advance via the My ALD app. That will help us serve you better when you arrive.

What do you need to turn in?

  • All of the keys (including master key and code card);
  • Registration documents;
  • User manual and maintenance records;
  • Any accessories listed in the lease contract;
  • Any software for the navigation system;
  • Complete vehicle equipment (including lift, safety triangle, spare tyre, etc.);
  • Insurance card and last annual inspection report, if applicable;
  • Both license plates and any extra plates;
  • All (charging) cables for electric/hybrid vehicles (if applicable).



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