ALD switch. The first step to new mobility

Flexible leasing? Change your transport vehicle at the time or moment that you prefer with ALD switch.

What is ALD switch?

Perhaps introducing a mobility budget is still a step too far for your vehicle fleet, but you nevertheless want optimum flexibility within the lease contract? Or perhaps you are interested in how you can make your vehicle fleet more sustainable without giving up freedom of choice. If so, ALD switch is the answer; a simple add-on to your existing lease contract.

In addition to his regular lease car, the lease driver gets an ALD switch ‘rental credit’ which he can use whenever he wants - for example, to hire an estate car, a cabriolet or a minibus.

Lease options

A Full Operational Lease product which allows lease drivers to switch to a different form of transport 4 times per year. All the costs are included in the monthly lease amount. For example: insurance, 24-hour breakdown assistance, maintenance, depreciation, purchase, tyres, etc. Lease periods from 6 to 24 months are available. The lease driver can reserve the chosen vehicle himself when he needs it. Switch vehicles are subject to a maximum of 150 kilometres per day.

The benefits to you

  • Employee satisfaction: offers the lease driver flexibility, a functional solution and experience of/access to alternative vehicles.
  • Environment: reduces the day-to-day impact on the environment.
  • Cost reduction: effective solution for fleet downsizing (reduced fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions).


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