Next Generation in Fleetsourcing

ALD choice is a completely new way of leasing in which several companies are using one large fleet.

What is ALD choice?

A mobility solution in which we take over the full operational management of your fleet, help you cut expenses and offer your lease drivers absolute freedom of choice. Whether it is a new lease car or a low-mileage pre-owned car, one with a low additional tax liability. 

Pay per employee

ALD choice focuses on your employee, not on the car. A revolutionary concept that meets today’s need for flexibility. You pay only a fixed amount per employee, rather than paying per car, allowing you to optimally manage your expenses.

Digital lease showroom

When you choose ALD choice, your employees receive access to an online portal that is frequently updated
with new and low-mileage pre-owned models with a low additional tax liability. We offer unlimited flexibility with
regard to the duration of the contract.


With ALD choice, we take over the full operational management of your car park. No individual validations of
lease quotes, no questions about whether or not the cars fit within the car policy. We arrange
everything for you.

With our flexible and varying selection, ALD Automotive can offer the right mobility solutions on very favourable conditions. That way, ALD choice gives you a lower TCO, while your employees have more freedom of choice in makes and models as well as lease periods.

Are you interested in ALD choice for your fleet?

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