6 Wheel Lease. A choice of mobility

Choose the smartest way. Lease both a car and an electric scooter.

What is 6 Wheel Lease?

In the Netherlands, we clock up plenty of kilometres, especially to and from work. 40% of all commuter traffic is over a distance of less than 15 kilometres. In those cases, the car is not always the obvious choice. We look beyond the car alone as a mode of transport.

That is why ALD Automotive is launching 6 Wheel Lease. More wheels, more mobility, more freedom and more freedom of choice. With 6 Wheel Lease, besides your car, you also lease an electric scooter. That gives you the mobility to choose. The e-scooter is ideal for short journeys. It bypasses traffic jams and, above all, is convenient to park - whereas the car is faster and more comfortable over longer distances. Choose the smartest way! Of course, you can also choose to only lease an e-scooter.

Lease options

A Full Operational Lease product which enables you to lease an electric scooter and a car. All the costs of the car and the e-scooter are included in the monthly lease amount. For example: insurance, 24-hour breakdown assistance, maintenance, depreciation, purchase, tyres, etc.

The benefits to you

  • Alternative to employees having to pay towards their own travel costs.
  • Switch easily between car and e-scooter.
  • Time management.
  • Can be offered to those not entitled to a company car.
  • Unique solution for mobility budget.


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