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Volvo V40 most popular lease car among women

Volvo V40 most popular lease car among women

Hoofddorp, 1 July 2016 – A survey conducted by ALD Automotive shows that the Volvo V40 is the most popular lease car among women. Among men, the Peugeot 308 SW occupies the top position.

The survey was conducted among 10,000 of the Hoofddorp-located leasing company’s drivers during the period 1-6-2015 to 1-6-2016. It indicated that there are clear differences between men and women when it comes to choosing a lease car.

Both cars did very well in general, with the Peugeot taking first place among male lease drivers, followed by the Volkswagen Passat Variant at number two and the Volvo V40 in third place. Ladies preferred the Volvo V40, followed by the Renault Clio and the Volkswagen Golf VII. Remarkably, among men the fully electric Tesla Model S came in eighth, while no fully electric-powered vehicles made it into the women’s top 10 list.

Top 10 Vrouwen
1.   VOLVO V40
2.   RENAULT Clio
4.   AUDI A3 Sportback
5.   PEUGEOT 308 SW
6.   VOLKSWAGEN Golf Variant
7.   VOLKSWAGEN Passat Variant
8.   RENAULT Clio Estate
9.   VOLVO V60
10. BMW 1-Serie


Top 10 Mannen
1.   PEUGEOT 308 SW
2.   VOLKSWAGEN Passat Variant
3.   VOLVO V40
4.   VOLVO V60
5.   SKODA Octavia Combi
6.   RENAULT Clio Estate
8.   TESLA model S
9.   MERCEDES-BENZ C-Klasse Estate
10. TOYOTA Auris Touring Sports


The survey also showed that women preferred less expensive cars. The average price for a lease car among ladies was 35,000 Euros (catalogue price including options), while the gentlemen chose lease cars with an average price of 41,000 Euros. Interestingly, women generally chose to lease cars with the energy label B (46.9%), but men preferred cars from the A category (39.6%). However, absolute CO2 emissions were much lower in the cars chosen by women than those chosen by the men. 

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