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ALD Automotive books 9% growth in stable lease market

Leasing company ALD Automotive has booked a 9% growth to date for 2015, for a total of more than 25,000 vehicles in the Netherlands. According to ALD Automotive Managing Director Carel Bal, innovation provides a unique impetus for growth. ALD Automotive was recently the first major leasing company to add the high-speed e-bike to its product line. Other important factors for growth were the acquisition of the Munsterhuis Lease fleet, private lease and the expansion of white label partnerships with car manufacturers.

Bal expects that the new regulations for lease taxes will cause growth to stagnate over the first few months of 2016, but growth will recover soon thereafter. “Over the long term, we will mainly notice an impact on the composition of the Dutch lease fleet, and a shift in demand to private lease. We expect that the business market will remain stable, and that the private market will show strong growth.”

ALD Automotive’s goal to grow to 30,000 contracts will therefore remain unchanged. Carel Bal: “We will realise the growth target by doubling down on innovation, new partnerships and a broad market approach via brand dealers, personal sales and online.”


ALD Automotive
ALD Automotive specialises in Operational Leasing and Fleet Management. With 1,100,000 vehicles and 5,000 employees in 40 countries, ALD Automotive is one of the world’s three largest car lease companies. ALD Automotive is a subsidiary of French banking group Société Générale. 

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