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High speed e-bike conquers lease market

Lelystad, 17 September 2015 – With the e-bike race on the track in Lelystad, ALD Automotive celebrates today’s introduction of the high-speed e-bike for its lease customers. This makes it the first major leasing company to add the speed-pedelec to its product line. Over the next few years, ALD Automotive expects to sell several hundred e-bikes. According to the leasing company, the high-speed e-bike is the ideal solution for sustainable commuting, and it is sure to become a common sight on the road to work. The speed-pedelec is available to lease for only 99 Euros per month.

In Lelystad, 50 participants under the leadership of renowned team captains such as Leontien van Moorsel, Frits Sissing, Jeroen Nieuwenhuize, Evelien Bosch and Vivienne van den Assem competed to find out who is the fastest e-bike racer. The winner of the e-bike race was INSERT NAME. He/she will take home the Stromer e-bike for a year.

Stromer e-bike

ALD Automotive has chosen to add the Stromer e-bike to its product line. This sporty Swiss-designed e-bike has already won several international cycling and design awards. The e-bike is equipped with a high-tech lithium battery integrated into the frame. The force exerted on the pedal by the cyclist is transmitted via a sensor to the motor, which enables the bike to travel 45 kph with ease. A sustainable and time-saving alternative for commuting, but also an answer to the problems of parking and traffic jams. ALD Automotive has the exclusive rights to distribute the Stromer for six months, thanks to its partnership with the Dutch importer of the speed-pedelec QicQ.


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