ALD Choice: cost savings and freedom of choice

ALD Choice: A new way to lease, in which you pay a fixed price per employee and not per car.

What is ALD Choice?

ALD Choice is a new way to lease vehicles, in which you leave the purchase and choice of vehicle to us. You pay a fixed price per employee and not per car. We can purchase the vehicles in bulk, so you benefit from competitive rates, without unexpected costs.

Employee chooses from the digital showroom

If you select ALD Choice, your employees will receive access to a digital showroom. Depending on the category, your employee will immediately see the vehicles from which he or she can choose. The lease showroom is frequently updated with new and low-mileage pre-owned models, with low additional lease tax rates. So there is always plenty to choose from, along with flexible contract terms.

Save time

With ALD Choice, we will completely take over operational management of your vehicle fleet. And since only the vehicles that fit in your budget are offered, the individual validation of lease estimates is no longer necessary. That saves you a lot of work!

Are you interested in ALD Choice for your fleet?

Are you interested in leasing via ALD Choice? If so, feel free to request a no-obligation estimate. Our consultants or your regular contact would also be happy to take your call at: +31 (0)20 658 70 00. Or you can send an e-mail to