ALD Move. Get more out of your day

ALD Move helps employees to plan a smarter daily commute and business trips thanks to daily mobility advice and their own personal mobility garage.

Mobility assistant

ALD Move is a personal mobility assistant that tells your employees the fastest, most economical, most environmentally friendly or most comfortable route to their destination, based on their calendar, the current situation on the road and the weather forecast.

What would they prefer? To prepare an appointment on the train while saving on CO₂ emissions, or to save time by travelling by car? ALD Move uses artificial intelligence and therefore takes into account both your lease car drivers’ preferences and business objectives in terms of sustainability, vitality and costs. 

Sustainable mobility options

Users have access to their own digital environment for managing their mobility. Employees can earn credits by making smart mobility choices, such as using an e-bike, public transport or electric car. This encourages employees even more effectively to make smart, sustainable mobility choices.

Automatic recording of commuting kilometres

In addition, you gain insight into your lease car drivers’ travel, which makes it easier to keep track of your travel expenses. ALD Move enables you to automatically record commuting kilometres for the purpose of travel expense compensation.

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‘Working from home’ as a mobility type

It seems likely that we’ll continue to work more from home in the future than we did a few years ago. ALD Move therefore allows you to choose ‘working from home’ as a mobility type, and even to set fixed working from home days so that your personal travel assistant takes account of this.

A day with ALD Move

How does it actually work? Before going to bed, you check your travel recommendation for tomorrow. The app advises you to travel by e-bike; because ALD Move is linked to your agenda, it knows that this is faster than public transport, will save on fees for parking the car, and you will be able to earn credits. The app also shows your alternative travel options via public transport and car so that you can choose for yourself. The next morning, you receive a push notification with the current travel time 20 minutes before departure. You can also use ALD Move to open the route description and details in a navigation app such as Google Maps. 

Mobility management

As is the case with our lease products, we collate all of your mobility costs in a single monthly invoice, with additional reports to help you effectively manage your mobility policy. ALD Move is not only a solution for employees who drive a lease car; it is also a mobility solution for all of your organisation’s employees.

More information

If you would like to know more about ALD Move or would like to try it out yourself, please feel free to contact our mobility consultants. You can reach us by telephone on +31 (0)20 658 70 00. You can also send your question via e-mail to Our specialists will be happy to inform you about the options available to your company through ALD Move.