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Back on the road after a relaxed holiday? Take a short refresher course!

Back on the road after a relaxed holiday? Take a short refresher course!

In parts of the country, the holidays are coming to an end. Schools will start again, peak-hour traffic will increase and you will probably be on the road more often as you travel to work and appointments.

A good time for a short refresher course to see whether your knowledge of traffic regulations is still accurate!

The National Motorists Survey 2022 shows that the vast majority of motorists consider themselves quite good drivers. The average score they give themselves is 7.7. Nonetheless, more than a third of participants in this study doubt whether they still have all the theory at their fingertips. Thirty-five per cent would not expect to pass if they had to sit a theory exam right now.

Traffic frustrations

In practice, Dutch motorists consider themselves to be capable and compliant drivers, according to this study. This is especially so when it comes to speed. No fewer than 90 per cent observe the speed limit. However, 40 per cent believe the maximum speed should be increased, particularly on the highway. In built-up areas, the vast majority of motorists are satisfied with the permitted speed.

The greatest frustrations on the road are caused by tailgaters or people sitting behind the wheel with a phone. Besides creating considerable frustration, these infringements entail hefty fines. Driving too close to the car in front of you in a zone with a speed limit of 80 km/h already attracts a fine of 300 euros. And that phone behind the wheel will cost you 350 euros as of this year. So besides not being safe, these driving practices affect your wallet. An overview of all traffic violations can be found here.

Only three per cent of motorists experience no frustration at all — a select group that can probably keep up the holiday vibes all year round. Wondering if you're a danger on the road yourself? Veilig Verkeer Nederland (Safe Traffic Netherlands) offers an online course to refresh your memory. This test is useful not only for motorists but also cyclists and walkers.