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Lease car drivers name ALD Automotive 'Best leasing company'

Lease car drivers name ALD Automotive 'Best leasing company'

ALD Automotive will be proud to call itself ‘Best Leasing Company in the Netherlands’ in 2021, having earned this title in the ‘Large Leasing Companies’ category following a large-scale customer survey among drivers of lease vehicles and fleet managers conducted by Vereniging Zakelijke Rijders (VZR), an association of business drivers. The winners were revealed during the presentation of the survey results. ALD Automotive received an average score of 8.2, as well as earning third place in the ‘Private Lease’ category.

The survey evaluates leasing companies based on criteria such as communications, services and organisation. Jeroen Kruisweg, Managing Director of ALD Automotive Netherlands: ‘COVID-19 has made us even more diligent in our communications than we were before, as we’ve found this is important both within ALD and for our lease car drivers.  We ask them to rate their level of satisfaction with us every time we interact, so we can make efficient and targeted improvements where necessary. This applies both to our digital communications and to personal interaction between ALD and lease car drivers – we regard this combination as essential to our services.’

After being ranked second last year, ALD Automotive is proud to be back in the lead again. ‘I believe the basis for customer satisfaction is employees who take pride and pleasure in their work, and despite all the challenges we faced this year our people were fully committed to keeping our leasing customers happy. This award is a tangible recognition of their hard work – and proof that it has paid off.’ The greatest compliment we can receive is this token of appreciation from lease car drivers,’ Kruisweg concludes. The second and third place in the ‘Large Leasing Companies’ category are held by Alphabet Nederland and Arval.

About the survey

In the survey – in which a total of 5,321 lease car drivers, fleet managers and Private Lease drivers participated – lease drivers gave their leasing company an average score of 8.0, while the average score among fleet managers and Private Lease drivers was an impressive 8.5. All scores awarded were higher than last year, while the Net Promoter Score (at 25) was also up from the previous year. 

VZR chairman Jan van Delft, commenting on the results: ‘Lease car drivers, fleet managers and Private Lease drivers are all more satisfied than last year, which is reflected in the NPS results. What a boost for all the leasing companies included in the survey! It’s great to see that both drivers and fleet managers continue to value their leasing companies in a tough year like 2020.’