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ALD Automotive embraces private lease seal of approval

Starting today, ALD Automotive is one of the first leasing companies to bear the Private Lease Seal of Approval. The seal of approval is an initiative by the Association of Dutch Car Lease Companies (VNA) and the Consumentenbond, and serves as a quality norm for consumers to ensure a safe, responsible and reliable private lease product. As an expert in the field, ALD Automotive contributed to the creation of the seal of approval.

With the award of the seal of approval to ALD Automotive, its business partners Opel Leasing, Kia AutoleaseDirect, Renault Business Finance, Nissan Business Finance, Volvo Car Lease and Ford Lease are also eligible to bear the seal.

Jeroen Kruisweg, ALD Automotive Commercial Director: “Leasing may seem easy, but it is often a difficult product for consumers. And private consumers are an entirely new group of customers for most leasing companies. That combination quickly leads to complications, so the entire branch wanted to make its services more professional. The new seal of approval is an excellent result of these efforts. It guarantees an all-inclusive fixed price that does not change over time. Consumers are also protected against exorbitant financial burdens, and they have 14 days to cancel their contract for any reason.”

About the seal of approval
The Private Lease Seal of Approval is an independent initiative with the goal of protecting consumers, and was created in cooperation with several consumer representatives, including the Consumentenbond. For more information about private lease, the Private Lease Seal of Approval and safe and responsible fulfilment of lease obligations, visit the Stichting Keurmerk Private Lease website at:

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