Our mission is to provide freedom of mobility. Bring simplicity in an increasingly complex world. And provide for every company the right personal mobility solution.

Our mission

As mobility becomes increasingly complex, businesses and users are looking for more flexibility and convenience. ALD Automotive strives to offer every company the right mobility mix.

ALD Automotive is transforming from a simple car leasing company into a comprehensive mobility provider. We design mobility for businesses, individuals, and the entire family. Every day, we work to bring the mobility of the future into the present, in order to ensure that the user’s mobile day runs smoothly.

Our ambition is to offer sustainable and flexible mobility.

We place a high value on sustainable and flexible mobility. That ambition is reflected in our Mobility Experience Centre. Experience the latest developments in the field of mobility with the help of 19 interactive screens. The centre is a source of information and inspiration, and we can custom-tailor your mobility solution on location.

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